Twin Half Day, Crush a Car day

Our twin half day on the 11th Aug was blessed by sun, and were we ready for it. I had been thinking of changing our name from Tanks lot to Mud World, life had been pretty tough up here if you hadnít had webbed feet .Our morning session was a little under booked which is unusual but we had been doing so many corporate days i hadnít had the time to promote it properly, still the afternoon session was packed.

The morning was won by a Ken Thomas a pretty skilled tank driver rumour has it he may have had a little practise a few years ago but a Helen Trotman and Fran were close on his trail just one point behind. Ken did a great job of mouldered the metro and even managed to get the side window to pop out undamaged, something for E bay no doubt. Corporal Keith seemed to have a pretty good day to looking at the pictures the crafty old silver fox.

The afternoon was a little faster going and you could tell some were really trying for the crush Steve and Chris proctor! Were certainly up for it and ended up with the same score of 27 each luckily, saver arguments on the way home. Our afternoon winner was Melanie Warrington a smart girl with unusual makeup did one of the most spectacular crushes yet, check out the pictures. Nice to see Zara our only female instructor getting back in to it, got a feeling we may have another soon, And yes itís another horsy girl.

A big well done to Mike Beasley who just joined our crew, another ex army boy still in love with 432's.But man of the match has to be Wayneís world that sweated his nads of on the Grozdilkas all day long without a break; still he rests through the week.

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