Wedding Day Wales - (Tank Limo in Action)

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We had a Tank Limo enquiry from this Magic guy Barrington Powell actually a real magician close up stuff with pigs not rabbits.

Small world really turns out we had worked together a few years previous, him wowing the crowds making small kids disappear and me bombing round a housing estate in a tank but thatís another story.

This was the same bloke who made my money disappear, it wasnít the amount it was the fact i was stumped how he did it, actually had sleepless nights about how it happened, very slick indeed.

He needed a wedding doing for his friends Mat and Amy i struck a deal and with a bit of haggling i owned the trick, it was finally mine forever, Now i can make your money disappear.

The Saturday came quick the skies were blue and the low loader came early, we were off to Wales KlanNgocegokk or something .A small sleepy welsh town, until we got their.

To say we stopped the town was a serious understatement the corners were tight for a car, so getting a stretch Tank Limo around took a just a touch of magic and a good banks man trained by the sas every body loved us Colin said it was like liberating Belgium in the 2nd ww the streets were lined with people cheering and taking photos, the girls from the local flower shop ran out and decorated Tank Limo just cos they couldnít resist it .The bride was stunning and Barrington really worked his magic this time.

One slight hiccup was when yours truly backed over a whopping great flagstone at the reception and it cracked in half ,Luckily Barrington was handy and it shot up his sleeve or something expect it will turn up behind some beautiful girls ear at his next booking.

A great test for Tank Limo and its crew fun was had by all , the groom even wore his granddads Demob suit If you want a wedding to remember ring us and if you need the best close up magician Iíve ever seen call Barrington Powell 07968 533164 a fellow of infinite jest.


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